Lemhee-Okee History

Established June 2001

            Chapter "C" of the Tipisa Lodge was formed from the southwest portion of Chulee Afopkeh which served West Orange District and a southern portion of Econlockhatchee serving Chickasaw District.  Members of the new chapter gathered at the Service Weekend for cheerful service to Camp La-No-Che.  Together they cleaned up the compound area and prepared for the upcoming camp inspections.  All were pleased with how well everyone worked together in cheerful service.  Certainly that weekend marked the beginning of great things to come for the newly established chapter.

              After the lodge elections on Saturday evening, chapter elections were held with many adult and youth members in attendance that were part of the discussions for the new chapter.

              When discussing a name for the new chapter, the members wanted a totem that would fit the leadership and strength of a new chapter.  The chapter members chose the Eagle as their totem because of the traditional qualities associated with the great bird: leadership, patriotism, strength, and the highest rank in scouting.  They also wanted to have the Eagle associated with a landmark of our community.  Due to the blessing of numerous lakes in the chapter, everyone agreed that the lakes were a great asset.  Rick Obermeyer provided American Indian words, Lemhee-Okee, which means, “Eagle of the Waters”.  The chapter members voted to submit the name to the Supreme Chief of the Fire for his approval.  Meanwhile, the district committee voted to name the district, Sand Lake District.

  Thus, a new beginning for the Lemhee-Okee Chapter of Sand Lake District.

Past Chiefs

Year Chief
2006-2008 Dimitri Kopansky
2008-2009 Frank Acevedo
2009-2010 John Annan
2010-2011 Thomas Hall
2011-2012 Tyler Batty
2012-2014 Brandon Eiler
2014-2015 Andrew Colgan

Vigil Honor Recipients

Brother Year
James Hornock 1971
Rick Obermeyer 1971
Tico Perez 1978
Jeffery Jonasen 1981
Paul Conboy 1986
John Rotruck 1990
Merri Addison 2000
Brad White 2003
Carolyn White 2003
Steven Bisbing 2010
Greg Batty 2013
Paul Braithwood 2013
Brandon Eiler 2013